SA Waters & Leisure

South Australia, with over 55,000 recreational boat owners, can claim to have one of the highest per capita boat ownerships in the Country.

Since 1993, many of these boat owners have been kept well informed on a wide range of boating issues by reading SA Waters & Leisure magazine.

SA Waters & Leisure is published twice a year, as “Winter” and “Summer” editions, for the boating enthusiast.  It is a free magazine produced in South Australia by Walsh Media, an Adelaide based niche publishing company, with a reputation for producing high quality publications tailored to specific market segments.

The magazine is published with the prime objective of catering to the interests and education of boating enthusiasts, informing them about products and issues that affect and are relevant to them.

SA Waters & Leisure is widely availability throughout South Australia and includes boat tests, as well as articles on marinas, boat insurance, marine electronics, new products etc.

If your business is interested in targeting South Australia’s lucrative recreational boating audience, it is vital for you to be part of this magazine.

For details on advertising and to arrange tests or reports for your company, please contact Rosie Whitmore at Walsh Media on 08 8212 0536 or email