The FirePit will introduce warmth and elegance to your outdoor entertaining

Your outdoor entertaining area will come to life this season from the warmth and distinctive character of a gas FirePit. This classic design is handcrafted in Australia by the artisans at Southern Stainless to the highest standards using only marine grade 316 stainless steel. Their FirePits are made to suit either propane (bottled) or natural […]

Ingenious design. Incredible taste. The Infinity BBQ.

Designed and hand-crafted in Australia, the Infinity BBQ features a unique side-burner design that delivers such improved grilling performance that it has a pending world-wide patent. Delivering an innovative and effortless cleaning solution, the Infinity BBQ is built to last using 316 marine-grade stainless steel and is certified for indoor or outdoor installation using LPG […]

Essential Battery Care and Maintenance

How many times have you seen this picture? It’s the first perfect fishing day post winter, you drag your boat out of the shed down to the ramp, launch and turn the key and nothing happens … One of the most important and often overlooked systems on your boat is your battery and power system, […]

Suzuki Marine enhances model line-up with new DF175A and DF150A

Suzuki Marine held a press conference recently at the Genoa Boat Show to announce the launch of its new DF175A and DF150A. The DF175A & DF150A will share Suzuki’s core technologies, geared up to deliver outstanding power and performance together with superior fuel efficiency – all from a super compact and lightweight unit. Osawa Yasuharu, […]

Quality Australian made boat anchors vs imports

Anchor Right Australia is a company that has been designing and developing new boat anchor concepts for over 25 years. Their Super Sarca was a world’s first true multi-purpose anchor design, they know this because of their patent search, Sarca – meaning “Sand and Reef Combination Anchor” is by far the most popular fishing boat […]