Efficient and longer-lasting brakes with DeeMaxx

The DeeMaxx range runs cooler than any competitor, thanks to their reverse mount slip over rotor ensuring more efficient and safer towing of your trailer. DeeMaxx brakes also have a longer life than other brands on the market.

They have no metal-to-metal slide guides, which can cause seizures in other calipers. Hydraulic pistons are stainless with double-lipped outer seals for the best water entry prevention and also assists to protect against rust and corrosion. DeeMaxx pistons will not distort, crack or swell as calipers that have commonly-used composite-style pistons may do. And their exclusive laser writing on the actual caliper means that instructions are always easily available.

By far the best marine caliper on the market, DeeMaxx brakes can be fitted to 5-stud Ford/HT and 6-stud Landcruiser wheels. Bolt-on retro-fit upgrades are also available for axles with electric drum brakes.

Another advantage with the DeeMaxx range is their 120o bleeder design, resulting in better balanced bleeding system and prevents bleeders becoming damaged.

For the best results, couple up to the 1200 psi Hydrastar. For big rigs that are 3-tonnes plus, 1600 psi Hydrastar units are also available.

Due to vented discs, similar to modern vehicles, the disc vents help keep brake friction heat away from bearing hubs, assisting bearings to run cooler and prolonging their life.

ADR-approved stainless steel braided brake lines give added peace of mind to those towing even the heavier trailers.

Boat owners can finally have the almost indestructible and reliable brake system they deserve – and be able to transport their rig safely to the water.

For further information, please visit www.adelaidebrakemech.com.au or telephone 8349 9934.