Excel’s cutting edge anchor technology

Anchor Right’s very popular Excel model, made from hot-dipped galvanised steel, is a new design that compresses the sea floor sub-strate, driving the anchor deeper.

An Excel anchor will compress the sea-floor substrate, forcing it over the rear of the anchor, driving it in deeper, producing the fast setting and holding ability, on most sea beds, which has led to this model’s considerable success.

Some twelve months after Anchor Right released this model, the company then launched a stainless steel

Excel version, giving owners of luxury craft a choice of steel or “bling”, both with a very classy, ultra-elegant design.

Last year, Anchor Right released yet another version of the Excel, this time a lightweight aluminum model with a weighted toe, making it as capable as its steel counterpart at digging in and also featured a removable shank.

In its relentless quest for yet a better anchor and propelled by its passion to stay ahead of the competition, Anchor Right Australia has again lifted the bar with yet more cutting edge technology.

Boat owners take no comfort in finding rust developing on anchor toes, but with Anchor Right’s latest Excel model, while the body and pulling shank are constructed from steel, in yet another world first, the anchor toe is now made from 316 stainless steel. This stainless steel cutting toe therefore will not rust, as happens when the usual galvanising process has worn off.

Therefore, the Excel offers an advanced, durable cutting edge over its competitors, to the extent that the toe can be further sharpened, if required, to cut through heavy weed and so further improve the Excel’s performance over multiple variations of sea beds.