New, free “Boat Owner’s Guide” out now

A free booklet from the Conservation Council of South Australia, the “Boat Owner’s Guide”, pulls together all the environmental information recreational boat owners will need to help them take care of our coastal waters.

The booklet details practical ways to not only reduce the running costs of recreational craft but also how to protect our coastal waters.

Thanks to this new “Boat Owner’s Guide” people will no longer have to go looking through multiple government agencies in search of information about marine pests, whale and dolphin regulations or greywater disposal. All that information is now available in the ‘Guide.

“The Boat Owner’s Guide is a really simple tool in helping to minimise environmental impacts and has been highly regarded by our members and associates across Australia”, said Glen Jones, General Manager, Boating Industry Association of SA.

The booklet is available free of charge to recreational boat owners throughout South Australia. For more information, a copy of the booklet and bookings for talks, contact Carl Charter: or telephone 0466 278 187