C.E.&A. Co. Marine Engineering Excellence

C.E.&A. Co. marine engineering excellence

Formed back in the mid ’70s, C.E.&A. Co. moved their marine engineering business from Kilkenny to Royal Park in 2003 and have continued to enjoy a demanding and diverse portfolio of exacting tasks to service their broad, expanding client list.

At the very big end of their endeavours is work on such items as stern tubes, rudder carriers and rudder stocks for clients, including luxury yacht builder Hanseatic Marine in Perth. C.E.&A.?Co. is supplying these very components, plus prop. shaft rope cutters, for a new 75m (246′) vessel. Both passenger liners and naval vessels, plus a wide range of commercial craft, call upon the skills and experience of Phillip and his two high-end fitter/turner/toolmakers.

However, C.E.&A.?Co. also has a long, well established association with recreational boat owners. This extends from producing custom-made propellers and shafts, rudders, bollards, cleats, to frames for older style windscreens. When we visited the premises recently, the owner of a much loved wooden boat called in, propeller in hand, looking for advice and assistance.

Propellers are, of course, a large part of the business C.E.&A.?Co. conducts with recreational boaties, from custom designs to repairs, as well as machining prop. shafts to suit the taper of any given propeller. An extensive library of prop. moulds and geometric formulae enable C.E.&A.?Co. to define and produce the desired product promptly.

The company is also a major distributor of ‘Wartsila’ brand prop-shaft seals, from 25mm upwards. They stock ‘maneCraft’ seals which suit smaller prop-shafts, along with ‘maneBar’ seals used on larger commercial installations.

We were also surprised and not a little pleased to learn that Phillip had purchased the mould for that local classic, the 5.9m (19’4) Nescraft Magnum. He is now working on the development of a tunnel hulled version to suit an inboard installation. Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on that Magnum one day for a test run. Phillip also advised that a centre mount variant may also be produced to suit fishermen.

For further information, contact Sandra or Phillip Matthews of C.E.&A. Co. on 8240 0777, or by email: ceaco@ceaco.com.au.