Can I fish in Marine Parks?

Yes. It’s only in the sanctuary zones within the marine parks where, from 1 October 2014, fishing won’t be allowed. (Note: Normal fishing restrictions continue to apply).

What about fishing from jetties and breakwaters in marine parks?
Marine parks do not change existing fishing access to jetties and breakwaters.

How many sanctuary zones are there?
There are 83 sanctuary zones, which account for about 6 per cent of South Australian waters in total.

Why do we need sanctuary zones?
Sanctuary zones are needed primarily for conservation. They are important areas where marine life will be able to live, breed and grow. They are also places that people can visit and enjoy, much like national parks on the land.

Can I have fishing gear and fish in my boat while passing through a sanctuary zone?
Yes. You just can’t use your fishing gear in a sanctuary zone.

Can I shore-fish in a sanctuary zone?
Generally no. Shore-based recreational line fishing is only allowed in certain sanctuary zones. Please check marine park maps for details.

Can I anchor my boat in a sanctuary zone?
Yes. But please anchor carefully, particularly in and around seagrass beds.

What about other recreational activities in a sanctuary zone?
You can continue to enjoy all your usual activities in sanctuary zones, including swimming, diving, surfing and boating.

How will I know I’m in a sanctuary zone?
Most boaties are already familiar with using GPS coordinates or landmarks to mark their fishing spots. Maps are freely available as are lists of GPS coordinates showing the locations of all sanctuary zones. The free MyParx smart phone app also shows the sanctuary zones and will alert you when you enter one.
Major boat ramps and beach access points near sanctuary zones will have signs to inform visitors of the zones’ locations.

What if I get caught fishing in a sanctuary zone?
From 1 October, fishing in a sanctuary zone will be an offence. Recreational fishers will be given a formal warning for first time offences. Subsequent offences may attract an expiation fee of $315. Educating the community about the new sanctuary zone rules is a priority. However, serious or repeat offenders may face a maximum penalty of $100,000 or imprisonment for two years.

Where can I get more information?
Visit the website at for GPS coordinates, maps and a link to download the MyParx app.