Nautilus Marine Insurance Plus

Nautilus Marine insurance plus.

Buying a new boat is an exciting time. Pleasant thoughts of fishing, taking the family boating and the simple enjoyment of a new boat fill your mind.

But selecting your insurance cover is just as big a decision as deciding on which boat to buy. After all, you do want to fully protect your new investment.

A spokesman for the company stated that “Nautilus Marine is a market leader, both in policy features and benefits and competitive premiums.

When buying a new boat or simply looking at renewing your existing boat insurance, we ask nothing more of boaters than to compare insurance products. We’re confident that the Nautilus Marine policy offers a better range of coverage at market competitive premiums.”

And for those who need to do their research, the Nautilus Marine web site has all the latest advice and information. Simply go to

Since opening their doors for business in 2005, Nautilus Marine has enjoyed rapid growth to become one of the leading players in the marine insurance industry.

A bulging portfolio today is visible confirmation that the Nautilus Marine brand is well accepted by the boating public at large.