Escape to “The Bay” for boating, fishing & holidaying enthusiasts

Port MacDonnell, Australia’s southern rock lobster capital, is situated 28kms south of the city of Mount Gambier; and is also South Australia’s most southerly town.

Port MacDonnell, or “The Bay” as the locals refer to it, is a place to escape, relax on the attractive beaches, and enjoy a meal at one the local cafes or the pub.
The Bay is a popular fishing destination with the tuna and sport fish tournament held annually each year. The local jetty is a common fishing spot located centrally on the foreshore at The Bay, and many visitors have been seen snagging a big one (or two) from this favoured fishing location.
The magnificent Southern Ocean is home to an array of sea life including southern rock lobster, abalone, tuna, gummy shark, whiting and snapper.
A number of local charter boat companies’ offer exclusive fishing and marine wildlife tours within The Bay, allowing travellers to see the different wildlife that call our ocean home.
The Port MacDonnell breakwater protects the fishing fleet, and provides perfect sheltered conditions for many different recreational water sports and, of course, fishing.
Visitors can stay in a variety of accommodation options at The Bay, and use it as a base to explore the broader area which offers so many natural attractions to explore and experience.
Donovans, about 20kms away, provides recreational fishers with access to year round fishing and boating. The Glenelg estuary entrance is always open to the sea with a deep-water channel, resulting in the constant movement of fish.
Carpenter Rocks is another beautiful coastal treasure, and is just down the road from Port MacDonnell, with tourists visiting the small town to witness the wreck of the Pisces
Star. “The Rocks” is renowned for its rugged coastline which provides exceptional fishing and diving locations, as does Cape Douglas another tranquil little fishing town, overlooking the Southern Ocean
The Bay is a great place to bring the whole family. The edge of the continental shelf located off the gorgeous coastline is considered one of the best places to spot whales, dolphins, seals and different seabirds.
The new waterfront development on the foreshore, is a great spot to visit and read about the history of the coastal town – with a playground situated nearby for the kids to enjoy.
The Cape Northumberland Lookout is a popular tourist destination, and a great spot for photos with the stunning view in the background, and a visit at dusk will showcase a fantastic sunset light show.
There are four operational boat ramps in the area, located at Port MacDonnell and Blackfellows Caves on the coast; and Donovans and Dry Creek on the Glenelg River.
For more information on permits, boat launching and general fishing at Port MacDonnell and surrounding areas, please visit